PB Bioscience combines the expertise of two scientific specialisms; one in mitochondria, the other in nutrition

PB Bioscience was co-founded by Professor Mark Birch-Machin and Dr Georg Lietz from Newcastle University. These two scientists realised that a knowledge gap existed in the relationship between nutrition, cell health and mitochondrial function (the powerhouse of the cell). Therefore PB Bioscience represents a unqiue combination of two previously unrelated scientific areas underpinned by the international reputations and expertise of the co-founders in nutrition and mitochondrial health.

Commercial services

PB Bioscience is a Newcastle University spinout company that works with leading international and national industries operating in the health and wellness market to improve the performance of antioxidant enriched products. This enables companies working in the rapidly expanding and increasingly sophisticated personal nutrition and healthcare market to improve their portfolio based on hard scientific evidence. PB Bioscience uses a scientifically robust scale of antioxidant potential for dietary ingredients that are used by the industry to develop new products with better antioxidant capacity, transparent communication to the consumer and higher market potential.

Consumer products

The company has developed a sophisticated testing device that will empower everyday consumers to optimise their antioxidant status and their resistance to harmful oxidative stress. Antioxidants are intimately involved in the prevention of cell damage and by optimising the performance of the cells PB Bioscience can help to overcome our stressful lifestyles. The testing device will allow people to find out which antioxidants in their diet would successfully boost their body’s own cells. This means PB Bioscience will be able to advise consumers how to optimise their diet to achieve their personal best.

PB Bioscience Limited

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Tel: +44 (0)191 300 8412 | Email: enquiries@pbbioscience.co.uk